This is a project I can’t take on alone. I need your help, and if you’re willing to give for the cause I want to give you something in return! My goal is to keep donors up to date on what is happening, and make them feel involved in the project, as they are rightful entitled to be.

Donor Rewards:

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My Rattlesnake: For these donations I will send you photos of each of the 10 rattlesnakes being tracked. You’ll also receive information about the snakes, like where they were found, whether they are male or female, behavioral quirks and more. From there you’ll have the opportunity to choose one snake to be “your rattlesnake”. Every few weeks you’ll receive new pictures of your snake in addition to information on how far your snake has traveled, what it’s been doing, and more. If you are part of an organization you can share this information to gain interest from supporters and affiliates. You’ll get to keep up with your snake’s activities, and have the rare opportunity to look closely into the life of a rattlesnake.

My Rattlesnake – Plus: For these donations you will receive all the same perks as “My Rattlesnake” donors and more! In addition to the My Rattlesnake rewards you will have the opportunity to select two snakes to keep up with. You will receive video footage of your snake’s activities and detailed notes on what snakes have been up to. Organizations will have access to HD video footage for use in promotional outlets (websites, short films, emails etc). Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to select a photo of each of your snakes, and a high resolution copy of this photo will be printed (8.5 x 11) and mailed to you!

Summer Film Promotion: This is a reward option for organizations that will help with promotions and fund raising. I am an amateur film maker and I will be producing a short film about this project. Check out my film from last summers research ( to get a better idea of what this years film may look like. Anyway, as part of this reward your organization will be featured in the film as an important beneficiary to the project. The film will be circulated throughout the herp community and will hopefully be featured in film festivals as well. This will bring your organization more public exposure! Furthermore, you will be able to use the film for your own promotional purposes as well.

Insiders deal: For these donations you will gain a much closer look at the ins-and-outs of the project and how work is progressing in the field. You will have the opportunity to regularly communicate with me – ask questions, offer advise, learn more about the snakes, etc. You will be able to choose up to three snakes for the “My Rattlesnake – Plus” deal in addition to receiving up to five high quality snake prints. You will also regularly receive pictures and video footage of all 10 snakes. And if there’s anything more you would like out of this, just let me know and we’ll work something out!

Pro-bono Film Deal: This is another donor reward specifically for organizations. If your organization is willing to make a substantial donation to the project, I’m willing to help you with your projects. You’ll have the option to partner with me on one of your projects. I will consult with you and actually film and direct a short video (3-6 minutes long) about the subject of your choice. These types of films can be an incredible way to raise money and gain interest in the type of work your organization is doing. This is an interactive medium that you can share through social media, personal communications, at conferences and more. If you’re interested please contact me; we’ll talk more about your vision and work to make it happen!

Meet My Rattlesnake: Sorry, this reward is no longer available!